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Those who trade only on charts use only 20% of the information.


What is included in Education?

A few simple steps to become a professional trader

Education Lections
Discord Workspace
Weakly streams
Personal cabinet
  • Basics of trading transactions
  • The process of trader development
  • Conditions for stable and profitable trading

Who is legible for this course?

Trader with unprofitable statistics
If you don't have a trading strategy and want to improve your skills.
If you have heard of trading but have never studied this profession.
Trader of other market
If you have experience in trading other markets but want to learn how to trade crypto

Course program

Week 1
The basics of trading
Week 2
Entry points
Week 2
Growth of a trader

  • How to become a trader. How and why a trader earns money
  • Market background
  • Causes of price formation
  • Levels formation


The most common questions

Theoretical lectures take place mostly in the evening But the practical part of the training will also be held every day in the form of master classes mentor every day at at different times. Depending on when there are situations in the market that need to be worked out and explained together. But you can always review the lesson in the record.

It all depends on you. The first income can be on the first day of your trade. The key is when you'll be able to consciously make trades on the upside. And improve your mathematical expectation.

There are no limits.

You can start with any deposit. But if you're a novice trader. we advise you not to start with more than $100. As long as you don't write your trading strategy.

In this profession, there is a concept of seasonality. It's differentiated by volatility and liquidity depending on the time of year.

Everything is relative. We stick to the figures that can be tracked over a quarter or a year. In the market 5% of people earn. This risk has to be taken into account when you come into this field.

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